Stop 8 - Victoria Square

Places to go and things to do near this bus-stop

Victoria Square

Victoria Sqaure is a leafy Georgian square, close to Clifton Village. Admire the beautiful architecture and gardens of this fabulous Sqaure. Famous past residents of Victoria sqaure include W. G. Grace the famous England cricketer.



Birdcage Walk

Birdcage walk, as it is known today, is the graveyard of the former St Andrews church. Blitzed during the Second World War, all that remains is a stone platform outlining the foundations. The graveyard is wild, gated and sunken, but rich with decaying ornate tombstones. In a clearing stands a marooned palm tree, harking back to Clifton’s dark colonial past.



How to find this stop

Victoria Square BS8 4EW/4EU
Our bus-stop is diagonally across the road from the Victoria Square Hotel, next to the zebra-crossing.

Disabled access and information

Stop does not have a dropped kerb. The area is flat if approached from Clifton Village. Best parking place would be as below. Not recommended for disabled access as the pavement can get busy.

Car parking

There is limited parking around Clifton Village. The parking is mostly on meters, giving a maximum of 2 hours.




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